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03:52pm 26/03/2005
  My feet are cold


I had a dream I was Reese Witherspoon in a Quentin Tarantino film that involved me going to seven eleven and accidentally killing a man while getting chicken soup. I can't recall the plot, but I remember i was scared knowing that as long as I was in a Quentin Tarantino film the chances of survival were slim and my death was likely to be gruesome.

Andy You're A Star
In Nobody's Eyes But Mine

homoerotica. ouch.

need to get my head out of British Comedy. Absolutely Fabulous and Allo Allo are playing circles in my head. I used to have a deep, secret crush for the absolutely intolerable Herr Flick when I was twelve. It appears my passion for Nazis, Semiautomatic guns with split shells, and terrible french accents were beget at an early age.

Black and white brings out the best in us all
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01:47am 29/08/2004
  Alive? moi? oh gosh.. i.. i...

let me put on my zombie thinking face.

.... Thinking really hard on this one...

Yes, I'm still alive.

My computer died on me about four.. five months ago.. I didn't make an effort enough to e-mail people because I'm just god awful that way. I finally sat down and thought things through.

"Well, honey. You could go back and beg them for an apology. MUX again and change your ways.. knowing that something like this'll happen again, and knowing they'll know something like that'll happen again.. or you can learn to let go and move on."

Hard decision that. Had good good good memories. Awesome awesome people. God, the more I think about it, the more I often wonder how some people dealt with my immaturity and god awful RP abilities because despite how much I might've acted like I was hotstuff, deep down I knew that I was just a speck compared to the talent and creativity that surrounded me. Only way to survive in a crowd is by pretending like you are just as good as they are, when you know the truth that god forbid if you ever are ;P

Keep your journals on my friends list, folks. I may not update this one much, if ever. Maybe once every six months. But you don't believe how much I read yours. Its inspirational and brings me back to my roots. Really, you are all amazing in every single way and despite how I took it for granted or how immature I was or how I dropped out only to come back every second month just to disappear again, I was always in awe and simply dazzled by the sheer fierceness all of you held.


Don't end that for me. Keep me on that list. And when you do a list clear, don't forget that MightyCrouton personally requested she stay on your list so she can go on reading how awesome you are.

Everyone loves to be admired.

And I admire you. =)
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12:30am 03/03/2004
Opening credits:Every You and Every Me by Placebo
Waking up:How soon is Now by The Smiths
Average day:Joker by Steve Miller Band
First date:Barely Breathing by Duncan Sheik
Falling in love:Here with Me by Dido
Love scene:Yellow by Coldplay
Fight scene:How I Could Just Kill a Man by Rage against the Machine
Breaking up:Popular by Nada Surf
Getting back together:Sick Cycle Carousel by Lifehouse
Secret love:Rico by Matthew Good Band
Life's okay:Waltz #2 by Elliot Smith
Mental breakdown:Needle in the Hay by Elliot Smith
Driving:Boys of Summer by Don Henley
Learning a lesson:The Scientist by Coldplay
Deep thought:The World I Know by Collective Soul
Flashback:Clocks by Coldplay
Partying:Mondo '77 by Looper
Happy dance:Sweetness by Jimmy Eat World
Regreting:Politik by Coldplay
Long night alone:Sunglasses by Corey Hart
Death scene:To the Moon and Back by Savage Garden
Closing credits:Dream On by Aerosmith

Your Life: The Soundtrack brought to you by BZOINK!
11:35pm 02/03/2004
mood: horny
Its hard to believe, but just yesterday I turned 18. I am no longer 17.

A part of me sort of wishes I was STILL 17, but another part of me is kind of proud of being 18. I guess its the fact that I am now completely and totally responsible of my life, that sort of aspect that scares me. As if I don't really want to change, I'd rather just be that ten year old little girl playing on the swings.

On a different note, I got a haircut and I'm now totally legal.

How weird.


And that's the story of my life.

BTW, Also got my dad hooked on Cowboy Bebop. Who rocks? Alyx Rocks.
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02:03pm 29/02/2004
mood: sick
There are several reasons why I haven't been online as of late, and I'll list them:

1.) My computer keeps throwing out an 'Illegal Shutdown' everytime I connected to the net FIXED

2.) I have a very demanding German Host Sister who requires that we go out EVERY weekend with a MILLION people.(Taking away ALL my weekend time)

3.) Peer Court(Every Wednesday) has forced me to research four cases simultaneously due to lack of defense attorneys for the program.

4.) Democratic Model Convention has taken me up nearly everyday for meetings and organizations. Being a Texas Delegate as well as a Foreign Policy Primary is very tiresome. Word's out that Kerry is going to be at the BIG convention meeting at the colluseum. I hope he doesn't mind getting his butt kicked by a whole room of kids who voted for Edwards and Kucinich. Tha'll be funny.

5.) AP History, AP English, Advanced Algrebra, and Advanced Law has just completely SUCKED out my time. Just. Like. That.

6.) Studying for the SATs and AP tests have started... Now

7.) Studying the play 'The Dining Room' for auditions that will arrive the week after the current Musical is wrapped up.

8.) Trying to get in time to be with my family at least a little.

9.) I have a cold. Ugh.

So, really. I am absolutely sorry that I pulled yet another disappearing act, but I had no access to my computer this time.

On another note, while sniffling sick, I managed to make it to MORP(Backwards for 'PROM) yesterday and danced my heart away with two friends. I have pictures, will show soon!

I also got a new haircut with highlights. I asked my gay hairstylist of he'd 'Give me a cut that made me look like a Lawyer who worked out every day!' And I tell you, it does!!!

03:10pm 13/02/2004
mood: confused
Let it be known how much I suck when I actually have a crush on someone.

Really. When I honest to god absolutely have a crush on someone, I act like a fourth grader. I'm nervous, I try to small talk constantly, I like to have him near, I try to be in his sight a few times(Not really stalk, as in sit and stare. Just walk by him a few times), and I blush easily.

In normal circumstances, when I flirt the RIGHT way it is with guys who I don't have a crush on. However, in this, I really find a hard time flirting because I've only known him for two weeks and it doesn't help he shares my morning classes with me.

But by god, is he cute. And he has a deep voice, and super gorgeous bright eyes, drives a truck, in AP classes, plays Tennis(heh), is smart, has an intense sense of humor, and is just thrilling to be around.

A part of me would like to think he's like that with everyone though, its just part of his character.

But damn, he's one smooth cat.
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11:45pm 08/02/2004
  Been SwankCollapse )  
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08:31pm 08/02/2004
mood: accomplished
New work out plan -

10 min. on tread, mile run
10 min. on asskicker, backward run
2 min. on asskicker, cooldown
2 sets of 20 - leg-press
2 sets of 20 - Thighs
2 sets of 20 - Hips
3 sets of 10 - Triceps and Shoulders
3 sets of 15 - Biceps, Back, Neck
2 sets of 20 - Abs
20 min. swimming
5 min. jacuzzi
5 min. steam room
5 min. sauna

40 min. on tread, 2 - 3 miles
20 min. on asskicker, backward and forward run
5 min. on asskicker, cooldown
30 min. swimming
5 min. jacuzzi
5 min. steam room
5 min. sauna

So far I've dropped two pounds on this routine for the past three days. Nach.

BTW, Atkins sucks. So I got off it =P I'm really not going to do a fad diet. I figure I don't give a frickin' care about dress size or weight, and I'm more into getting in shape. So I'm just going to eat healthier, eat when I'm hungry, and maintain this daily routine of things.

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01:28am 08/02/2004

I've wasted two years of my life knowing you but not really knowing you. It counts for something, I'd like to think!

And now for your birthday present ....


And now for your OTHER B-day present:

Lyrics from Rush's 'Nobody's Hero'

Pax Deorum's Icon is coming along too. Woot! I love makin' Icons n.n
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First off...   
09:31pm 04/02/2004
  Drum roll.



...There's something mildly orgasmic about slaming your hands on the desk, standing up from your seat, and shouting 'OBJECTION' in court. Really. There is.

Damn, I can't wait to be a lawyer, wear my hair tight, put on them black pumps, and go short skirt shoppin'!!!!!
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New Year's Revolution   
10:15pm 28/01/2004
mood: amused
o Make more friends(check)
o Lose thirty pounds(check)
o Get haircut(Check)
o Get boyfriend(check/uncheck now)


o Lose thirty more pounds
o Highlight hair
o Date a European
o Get Straight A's
o Manage to run at 6.0 mph in 30 minutes without losing breath


BTW. Faris rocks.
11:50pm 27/01/2004
  Its been at LEAST six months since I've completed a CG drawing. Wow.

Anyways, Here's Faris' redesign for Soft Reset. Two months being 'dead' has a had quite an effect on the gal, doesn't help that she hasn't been on a ship for longer. Sucks to be a pirate without having the sea, lord knows.

She looks like the Bastard Child of Johnny from GGX and Jack Sparrow XD

Savvy?Collapse )
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Boom baby!   
06:00pm 26/01/2004
  Final Fantasy quiz stuff. First got Quistis, then I got Edea after changing one question, and after that I got Sabin as a guy.

They all rocks my socks.

11:28am 25/01/2004
  Christian Bashing annoys me. Particularily Christian Bashing towards A) The Catholic Church and B) The Mormon Church.

If they aren't harming you, than you really shouldn't bother them. Being a participant in nearly twelve churches thus far, I've seen the Catholics and the Mormons be more respectful of other religions than any other thus to date.


Catholics DON'T worship Mary. Its called RESPECTING Mary. Much like how Jewish people often respect Moses and Abraham, Catholics merely have a differeny way OF respecting her. Its sort of like if you had a picture of Mother Theresa, and this woman saved your life in some form. You'd probably put the flowers by her picture or gravesite, say a little prayer to her, and keep a picture of her with you if she was your rolemodel. It has nothing to do with holding her higher than god, merely a place of respect for a woman who sacrificed her son and everything for God.

Like I said, She's the perfect rolemodel of a Christian, and I don't see why most christian communities don't see that's what the Catholics see. They just hope to inherit a part of that 'perfect christianity' through Mary, much like how you'd hope to get a Krespy Kreme donut through the worker boy there.

Similar. n_n
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Startling revelation...   
02:06am 25/01/2004
mood: ecstatic
... The best way to meet really hot guys/girls is by.... Swingdancing. I'm serious, especially if you are a single gal looking for a very attractive young man who is a sweetie and is a wonderful dancer. Go for swingdancing. Honestly.

Tonight at the club was fantastic. My dad played wonderfully as usual, and I found out the best pickup line is, and I quote, 'WOW! You are SUCH a fantastic dancer, mind showing me a few moves?'

I won't even say the number of boys I tried this on... >=) Le's just say they very RARELY say no. And if they do, its usually because they are honestly tired or they don't know the moves to a particular song.

I did a swing dance with a total cutie named Phillip. An absolute doll. He was very easily amused, and I was totally into the dancing. I also got my super shy Polish friend Anna to dance with him, and she did with zest. It was really cool.

The most beautiful people have to either originate from A) Poland or B) Brazil. Seriously. They are just downright GORGEOUS in both countries, especially the women. And their accents are so goddamn sexy.

Its sorta funny when you look down hotornot.com and you SEE people you recognize, offline or online. ESPECIALLY online. Its just very amusing.

And you all know who you are. Heh heh.

More pictures coming soon!

Oh my GOD way too many people are on this ATKINS thing. No matter WHERE YOU GO, its 'ATKINS!' that and 'ATKINS!' this.

Tomorrow I shall work out at the gym. WOOHOO BABY!

And... the best song in the world, especially if sung by germans...

DOUGH... the stuff... that buys me beer...
RAY ..... the guy that sells me beer...
ME...... the guy...who drinks the beer,
FAR..... the distance to my beer.
SO...... I think I'll have a beer.
LA...... La, la la la la beer
TEA..... no thanks, I'm drinking beer...
That will bring us back to... D'OH!!!!

- Alyx
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12:23am 23/01/2004
  Okie. One more update and then STUDYING. UGH. ARGH!

Your life in a Final Fantasy game by Neko_Kaolla
Character Name
Hair/Eye ColorBlond(e)/Blue
Role in PartyMysterious, all knowing one
In Game LoverLover? Ha! No time!
Created with quill18's MemeGen 2.0!

....Nice.. And then I gave it the Japanese version of Gip's name..
Your life in a Final Fantasy game by Neko_Kaolla
Character Name
Hair/Eye ColorGravity Defying Green/Blue
Role in PartySpunky sidekick
In Game LoverWakka
Created with quill18's MemeGen 2.0!

11:08pm 22/01/2004
  Edea Nostalgia.


Perhaps the single most coolest picture of Zell. Ever.

That is one frickin' awesome tattoo... WARNING! NC-17!
Squall & Zell

Damn.. ANOTHER amazing Zell.. I could see him with this Tattoo, actually.




And my favorite FF fanartist... There's just something appealing about the characters looking like they come straight from an Abercrombie ad.
Mmmm Ludy Price..

And for something different.....
10:20pm 22/01/2004
  Somethings are just kinda amazing, and there are a few things that just make me TOTALLY happy.

They are -

o When I get an amazing/surprising grade on a test I didn't take much note of.

o When I watch a movie SO spellbounding, my jaw literally drops and I refuse to use the restroom for another hour in fear I'd be missing a SINGLE detail(LotR: RotK)

o When I see a trailer for a movie that LOOKS so spellbounding, I get pure chills(Harry Potter: Prisoner of Azkaban)

o When I imagine going back to my old school and everyone dropping their jaws 'ALYX! WOW! YOU'VE CHANGED!' and scoring a date with the quarterback.

o Vanilla bubble baths.

o Reading a super cool article in a magazine

o The feeling AFTER you work out

o Jumping on the scale and realizing, much to your delight, you've dropped two pounds.

o Eating sushi

o Sleeping in on a cold winter day

o Trying on super expensive clothes you will NEVER buy

o Having a conversation with Prince Charming

o Flirting

o Singing

o Helping a friend

o Reading in the wee hours of the night

o Having something turn out BETTER than you truly expected.

o Making people smile or laugh

They are NOT -


Ugh. Back to the books. Tomorrow's my Japanese and History final. Kill me, sweet Jesus almighty, if you've any pity for my soul.

Then, I have to help my german friend Julia get all her stuff from her ex-host mum and after that, we getta go out to a Dinner - She has the invitations, and she's paying.(I LOVE HER)

Saturday is the swingdance. First, I'm going to treat Julia to sushi then we go Swing Dancin' with my dad(YAY!). Funfunfunfun. Then Sunday is Alyx's 'Let's rest and finally RP Gippal' day. Mmmmm. Sounds nice.

There were some pretty hot guys at the Gym today..

And for some flare, my friend Julia!!!

JULIA!!!! ZA BEAUTY!Collapse )
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12:02am 19/01/2004
mood: aggravated
Foreign people have it rough.

My best friend, Julia(Who is an exchange student from Germany), just got kicked out by her mom. Seriously. She came back from her program's trip to Hawaii lastnight and someone was sleeping in her bed(Host Grandma) and there was no where for her to go. So her Mom kicks her out without explaining a damn thing to her, her program's advisor doesn't have a place to put her, so our family quickly adopted her for two weeks until things get settled.

As for things getting settled, I seriously don't know how that'll happen. This is an emergency thing that just hit us this morning totally unexpected, and a last minute throw in. I just hate it that she has to go through something like this, and as such its pulled all of our schedules out of proportion.

Meaning I need to take a vacation for a while, which sucks for me because I INTENDED to RP Gippal this weekend. I had it planned, I talked to people, I knew what I was going to do. But I can't do it now due to these things going on. Writing out my vacation post now as we speak. Finals are this week, and I really don't know where to put Julia or if she's going to stay with us for the remainder of the year.

Its a very, very confusing situation.

but by any means, I'm still totally open to E-mail RP whenever anyone else is.

- Alyx
02:29am 18/01/2004
mood: exhausted
It's late, but I'm pushing for an update needless to say.

Just came back from my first experience of my dad's band, 'Porkpie'. It was just.. awesome. It made me feel proud to be his daughter as I watched around one hundred people enjoy his music at the Nocturnal Ball. Everyone was enjoying themselves, and two guys even showed me how to dance despite my two left feet. I was checkin' out some of the hotties, socialized, but mostly hung out with the band and flirted with our cutie Trumpet player - Buzz.

Unfortunately, Buzz just got divorced after seven years of marriage to a woman who just walked up and left without sign nor word with another man for NO reason. Completely broke the guy's heart. So far he's drunk himself down five bottles a day, and his sleeping schedule is haywire. I wish I could take his pain away, but there's only so much I can do. He's such an amazingly talented, and wonderful person.

Perhaps the weirdest thing to ever happen to me today was the fact that a person I haven't spoken to in nearly FOUR farkin' years pops up outta nowhere on my LJ and says 'HEY! Are you so and so?! Dude! I was this person!'

Of course, the first thing I'm wondering is. 'Oh my FARKIN' GOD! How the HELL did he find me after four years of changed e-mail addresses and more off pattern changes to add to that!?'

And the next thing is. 'What the HELL happened to him!? Where'd he go for four farkin' years?'

Mind you, the last I saw of him was four years ago. The next day he just disappeared. Zip. No word. Not for four years.

....How weird.

BTW, Must e-mail soulmate. Haven't spoken to him in a long time, miss him. ;P
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